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WC 28.03.22


If you are self- isolating then your class teacher will be in touch with more information about your phonics learning but please find below some other phonics activities to keep you busy. 

Set 1 Sounds

- Can you read the set 1 sounds speedily? 

- Can you practise writing each of the set 1 sounds correctly? 

- Choose one of the sounds and write as many words as you can beginning with this sound. 

Set 2 Speed Sounds

Can you read the words below? 


fish            ring                 chop              think         


Can you write each of these words in a sentence? 

Word time



This week we are looking at taking away/minus.

Let's start with a pirate song all about taking away!

Have a try at taking away- Use some toys to help you work it out.

This week we have been learning about subtraction. Can you decide which of these number sentences are true and which are false?


5 - 3 = 2


4 - 1 = 1 


8 - 4 = 2 


9 - 2 = 7