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Diversity Mark Awards

Clayton St John is very proud to have been appointed the bronze award for diversity.

 As a school we are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Ensuring that our policies, curriculum and ethos promotes and celebrates this in all our children, staff and wider community.


The Diversity Mark is a programme focused on developing inclusive practice and mainstreaming diversity in education. Our approach has the aim of improving educational practice and outcomes. We use diversity and inclusion as our tools to achieve these aims.

The Diversity Mark includes standards used across Early Years, Schools and Colleges and is awarded at 4 levels of achievement, progressing from Bronze, Silver, Gold to Centre of Excellence. Our standards are based on a proven framework for improving outcomes.

The Diversity Mark is specific to education and is not a generic standard. We use diversity in the broadest sense to include a focus on inclusion, equality of educational opportunity, developing cultural capital and the social and moral aspects of education.

The Diversity Mark logo signifies a network of members, committed to inclusion, sharing best practice and collaborating across sectors. The Diversity Mark logo is also used by each partner to show their current level of achievement.

The Diversity Mark for Schools (The Standard) helps schools to achieve better educational outcomes. The Standard also demonstrates a school’s commitment to inclusive practice, advancing equality of educational outcomes and valuing diversity.

A Diversity Mark School understands the various dimensions of diversity. This includes a highly developed understanding around race inequalities, disability, and gender disparities. Diversity Mark Schools are committed to building an inclusive culture and improving practice


For any further information regarding our work on diversity and inclusion please see our school policies or come into school and speak to our diversity lead.