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Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership


We have a wealth of Pupil Leadership opportunities for children to experience at Clayton St John.

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Philippians 2:4

School council


Our School Council members are representatives chosen by pupils to help with the decisions affecting the school, making sure it is the best place it can be.
We also listen to and try to resolve any pupil issues that may arise.



Collective Worship Council

Our Collective Worship Council comprises of representatives from across school. To support the adults delivering collective worship each day, they lead aspects of our collective worship, fulfilling the roles below:

  • Greeter
  • Collect
  • Intercessor
  • Reader

Our Collective Worship Council also help to evaluate our collective worships too.

Our Collective Worship Council also research, plan and deliver their own collective worship every term. Children are supported to plan worships which support flourishing within faith and deepen our knowledge and understanding of the wider world and values.


Eco council

The eco council have recently been learning lot’s about solar power. Our interest was piqued following the installation of the scaffolding around our school.

We decided it was important to educate ourselves on the benefits of solar panels, so we would inform the rest of the school what was going on. We sat and discussed how the solar panels were going to be great for saving money and using sustainable, renewable electricity sources. Following this, we have presented our new knowledge and information to our respective classes, educating others on the important matters of our school.

We even have a great quiz on the eco display which anyone is welcome to take part in - we can even win Dojo points! 


What does the eco council mean to me? 


“Eco council means helping the environment and the world around us by recycling, litter picking and using reusable energy like solar panels do. It is important to do those things so that in the future, our world will be clean and less polluted” – Mustafah H 


“Eco council is where we all come together to help the world in ways that only we can as humans.” – Tyler F 


“Eco council is basically helping us save electricity! If we are not saving it we could carry on wasting our non-renewable power sources that are damaging the Earth.” – Robbie G 


“Eco council to me means ‘environment saver’! I really want to save the nature we have around our school.” – Aaron G 


“I think it’s good that I can help the environment and tell people how they can help the environment too!” – Eliza W 


“Picking up the rubbish because it helps the environment, and we need to be kind to the environment so it stays healthy and we stay healthy.” – Amelia O