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Senior Leadership

Miss M Hargreaves - Executive Head Teacher

Mrs G Emsley - Head of School/ Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Spencer - Executive Business Manager

Mrs C Stone - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs S Corcoran - Teacher/ Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 2

Admin Staff

Mrs D Helliwell - Office Manager

Miss B Mallinson - Assistant Administrator

Mrs D Tetley - Assistant Administrator

Ms M Mawson - Librarian


Miss K Hughes - Learning Mentor & Pastoral

Mr D Hargreaves - Attendance Officer/ICT Support/Cover Supervisor/First Aid


Mrs L Williams   - Teacher Mon,Tue,Wed

Mrs D Burgess - Teacher Wed,Thu,Fri

Mrs R Deary-Early Years Professional/First Aid

Mrs S Redgrave-Cover Supervisor/First Aid




Blue Class

Miss S Walker - Teacher

Mrs J Sherry-Early Years Professional/First Aid

Mrs K Sykes-Early Years Professional/First Aid

Miss H Jowett


Green Class

Mrs H Poor - Teacher

Mrs J Porter-Early Years Professional/First Aid

Miss N Barrett-SEN


Year 1 Blue

Miss N Shaw - Teacher

Mrs D Rhodes - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 Green

Miss C Hopkins - Teacher

Mrs S Aspinall - Cover supervisor

Mrs C Smith/Mrs Z McEvoy - SEN


Year 2 Blue

Mrs C Whincup - Teacher

Mrs T Hall - Cover Supervisor


Year 2 Green

Mrs L Chamberlain - Teacher

Miss S Moore - Cover Supervisor

Mrs A Peel - SEN


Year 3 Blue

Mrs C Rhodes - Teacher

Mrs W Midgley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Byrne - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Green

Miss  C Jordan - Teacher

Miss A Fletcher - Cover Supervisor/First Aid

Miss D Simpson - Teaching Assistant/SEN/First Aid


Year 4 Blue

Mrs H Freibach - Teacher

Mrs D Byram - Cover Supervisor



Year 4 Green

Miss S Walters - Teacher

Mrs S Hall - Teaching Assistant/First Aid


Year 5 Blue

Mrs L Gilroy - Teacher

Mr W Edden - Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Green

Miss S Chaudhry - Teacher

Miss A Holroyd - Cover Supervisor


Year 6 Blue

Miss E Riley - Teacher

Mrs Z Hussain - Cover Supervisor

Mrs N Hussain - SEN

Mrs D Smith SEN


Year 6 Green

Mrs S Corcoran - Teacher

Mrs D Parkinson - Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mr A Russell

Mrs B Butt

Mrs S Aspinall


Mr S Nunn - Cook

Mrs D Taylor - Assistant Cook

Mrs P Mistry - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Patel - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Ali - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs A Kay - Kitchen Assistant

Mr S Smith - Kitchen Assistant

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs L Brown - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss L Ramsden - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Sykes - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Warden - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T White - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs P Kaur - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Sakeb - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Fletcher - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Hall - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Sykes - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs W Midgley - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss S Moore - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Parkinson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Rhodes - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss N Barrett - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Z McEvoy - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Byrom - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Simpson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Hall - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Z Hussain - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Holroyd - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Peel - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Hussain - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr D  Hargreaves - Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Maintenance

Mr M Gent - Site Manager

Mrs L Brown - Cleaner

Mrs L Ramsden - Cleaner

Mrs P Mistry - Cleaner

Mrs D Smith - Cleaner

Mrs D Shah - Cleaner