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WC 27.09.21


If you are self- isolating then your class teacher will be in touch with more information about your phonics learning but please find below some other phonics activities to keep you busy. 

Revisit the sounds we learned last week

Sounds we are learning this week:

- Can you point to each sound and say what it is?

- Can you practise writing these sounds? Remember to say the rhymes to help you form them correctly. 

- Can you find some objects around the house beginning with each of these sounds? 

Can you Fred talk and read the words below?



Can you match the shapes pairs?

Subitize Up To 5

Can you subitize up to 5? Can you say how many dots there are without counting?

This week in maths we are sorting objects.


Could sort your toys by size? 


Can you put them in order from smallest to largest?