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WC 17.01.22


If you are self- isolating then your class teacher will be in touch with more information about your phonics learning but please find below some other phonics activities to keep you busy. 

Set 1 sounds

- Watch the video above. Can you say all the sounds?

- Practise writing each of the sounds, forming your letters correctly. 

- Can you think of any words beginning with these sounds? 

- Can you write any of these words?

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Word time



This week we are measuring mass and capacity!


Let's start with measuring mass:


Comparing mass - heavier and lighter than

Now let's look at full and empty!

And Capacity......

Now can you have a try measuring out ingredients.....can you ask an adult to help you make playdough.....the recipe is just below.

Playdough Recipe