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WC 11.10.21


If you are self- isolating then your class teacher will be in touch with more information about your phonics learning but please find below some other phonics activities to keep you busy. 

Sounds we are learning this week

- Point to each of the sounds above and say them. Can you say them out of order? 

- Practise writing each of the sounds, forming your letters correctly. 

- Can you think of any words beginning with these sounds? 

Can you read the words below?


Can you spot the odd one out? Ask a grown up to check.


Can you make your own group?

You could sort by colour, shape, size or object.


Can you trick your grown up by adding an object that doesn't belong? You might have 3 green cubes and one red cube.

Can you subitise? Look at the triangles and try to say how many there are without counting. 

Can you count your jumps? See if you can jump 3, 4 and 5 times counting the jumps as you go!!


Ask a grown up to clap, see if you can count how many times they do it.