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WC 07.02.22


If you are self- isolating then your class teacher will be in touch with more information about your phonics learning but please find below some other phonics activities to keep you busy. 

Set 1 sounds

- Watch the video above. Can you say all the sounds?

- Practise writing each of the sounds, forming your letters correctly. 

- Can you think of any words beginning with these sounds? 

- Can you write any of these words?

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Word time



This week we are learning about length and height.

Can you roll a dice and then count out the right amount of cubes/objects to make a tower. Try again and compare. Here is a sheet to help you:

Measuring length!

Now let's have a look at measuring the length of things.

Can you find something in your house to use and measure yourself? You could use building blocks or even tins from the cupboard. Can you measure anything else in your house? What about your toys?

Let's finish by watching Jasper's beanstalk. What do you notice about the sunflower, what happens each day?

Jaspers Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen Read Aloud