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WC 6/12/21


We are continuing to look at the story Stickman this week.

That's not just a stick it's a......


What do you think you could use Stickman as?

Tell your grown up.

Mrs Poor says, "That's not just a stick, it's a stirrer for my coffee!".

What could you use the stick for?


Phase 1 Phonics with Maddison and Felix - Body Percussion for Kids

Learn all about body percussion for kids and Phase 1 Phonics. Have fun making sounds with your body and voice.

This week in our maths learning we are looking at shape, position of objects and a size.

Enjoy learning about this with Rosie and the elves.

Can you find some green material and make it like a Christmas tree shape?

What objects can you find to add decorations to the tree?