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WC 28/2/22

This term our topic is " Down on the farm".


Watch and read the story with a grown up.

Driving My Tractor (US) | Barefoot Books Singalong

What will you see on the farm?

What did you see on the farm?

Can you draw a picture of something you saw?

Can you write your name, or some letters from your name?


Let's play Wonky Donkey!

Remember the pictures have to rhyme!!

Phase 1 phonics: lesson 10:rhythm and rhyme: Wonky Donkey 1

It's a rhyming game called Wonky Donkey! Can you guess the rhyme to match the picture?

Can you think of an object or animal that rhymes with these pictures?



Building Bricks!

Use some building bricks to have a tower building competition with a grown - up. Which tower has more bricks? Which tower has fewer bricks? How can you tell?