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WC 22/11/21

This week we are continuing our learning on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', by Eric Carle

Here is a picture of all the foods The Very Hungry Caterpillar likes to eat.

1) Can you tell a grown up what they are?

2) What sound do they begin with? (for example salami begins with 'ssssss' and cupcake begins with 'c')

3) Does any of the food begin with the same letter that is in your name?

4) Which food do you like best on the picture?

5) With a grown-up make a list of the food the caterpillar eats. Remember to draw the pictures carefully. Have a go at copying some of the words if you like. You could take a picture of it and send a picture to our Nursery email address.


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Let's get creative!

Can you make a caterpillar?


You could:

Draw round a cup to make circles for your caterpillar body.

Use bits of old packaging to stick onto your caterpillar to make a collage.

Use bottle lids.

Draw it by yourself using a good pencil grip (remember how we show you).

Make it a short, long, fat or thin caterpillar.

Counting time

Can you count touching each object 1 time with your grown up?

maths week 4