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WC 13.9.21

This week we are starting to look at our Key book "This is the Bear"

Watch Paula read the story.

THIS IS THE BEAR by Sarah Hayes

Nursery Teacher Paula Champion tells the story of This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes.

Can you remember some of the places bear went to?

Tell your grown up.

Where would you take bear on an adventure? Talk to your grown up about the adventure you could have.

Activity 2:


Do you have a favourite bear at home?

Can you draw a picture of your bear? What is he or she called?

Where does your bear stay in your house?

Activity 3:


Can you find some objects in your house and place them in a line?

( these could be bears, cars, forks and spoons, pasta shells)

What pattern can you make?

Can you can some of the objects?(UP TO 5 is fine)

Here are some more links that you can look at, if you are having to stay at home.

They will help you learn about sounds and numbers.