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WC 11.10.21

This week we are beginning to read the story ' We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

http://www.jointhebearhunt.comFor a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite picture...

Can you make you're own Bear hunt story? Can you tell the story to a grown up?

Why not try and make your own Paper plate Bear?

Have a go at holding the scissors with a grown up and cutting out some paper, to stick on your bear's face.

This week we are learning about number 1.

Watch the first part of the number blocks series about number 1.

@Numberblocks- The Number One | Learn to Count- Watch ONLY to 1:41 secs

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Subscribe for more Numberblocks: to c...

Use the sentence " I can see one....."     and tell a grown up what you can see?


Can you show a grown up "1" using your fingers?