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WB 17/1/22

Baby Bear had lots of fun on the moon.

If you went to the moon, what would you pack to take with you?

Tell your grown up. 

Can you draw a picture of you going to the moon?





How many different voices and sounds can you make with your voice?

Wishy Washy Washer Woman ♫ Silly Dance Songs for Children ♫ Kids Camp Songs ♫ The Learning Station

Can you make sounds with your voice just like the Wishy Wash


Look at the pictures below.Tell your grown up what you see. What sound do they begikn with? Your grown up can help you make the soun d at the beginning of each word.

e.g. a,a,a apple, d,d,d, dog

Then ask your grown up to show you the leteer shape for each sound.


Sorting Objects into 2 Groups

Watch the video below - Can you sort the objects?