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Please take a photograph of any completed work to


  1. Open up the Reading lessons document.
  2. Find the page saying ‘Wednesday’
  3. Read and complete the lesson.
  4. Record any answers in to your book.


English:  What did you do well yesterday? Today we will continue our writing. What should you include?

  1. Read through the lesson. Think about what you should include in your writing today.
  2. Write the next part of your biography in to your books.
  3. Edit and proof read your work.




  1. Find the Maths lesson document. We will be continuing to focus on the multiplication method.
  2. Watch the video.  Use the examples after to set out your work.
  3. Complete the questions and record in your book.


  1. Find the ICT document below.
  2. Read through the lesson and complete the scenario activities. You should record any answers in your book.