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WC 23.11.2020


Use the video below to practise your set 1 sounds. 

Parent video: How to say the sounds

Can you write the name of each object below

Can you read the captions below?

Can you write your own caption for the picture below?


Choose your favourite story from home and read it with your grown up then complete the activities below:

- Discuss what happens in the story?

- What was your favourite part? 

- Can you draw your favourite part? 


Look at the picture below and see if you can create your own story using them. You could draw you story, retell your story orally and ask your grown up to write it for you  or if you are feeling really clever you could have a go at writing it yourself. 




-Can you count from 0-20 then count backwards from 20- 0? 


- Do you have a dice at home? Roll the dice, count the spots then say the number that is one less than the number you have rolled. 




Can you solve the subtraction number sentence below?