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WC 16.11.2020

How to say the sounds

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Can you write the initial sound for these pictures?

Can you write the initial, middle and final sound for example, c...a...t, cat



Watch the story below. Pause the video on each page and have a good look. This week we are using the pictures to create our own story. After watching the story to give you some ideas complete the activities below. You could spread the activities out throughout the week: 


Draw a picture and write a sentence for each of the questions below

- If you could go on an adventure anywhere where would you go?

- Who would you take with you on your adventure? 

- What would you do on your adventure? 



Use your pictures from above to write your own mini story. Here is an example to help you. 


Once upon a time I went to the beach.

I went with mum and dad.

At the beach I played on the sand. 


Can you draw a picture to go with your story. 

You Choose By Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart read by Mrs Emery

Maths: Here are 5 activities. You can try 1 each day of the week.

1. Practise counting backwards from 10.

2. Can you say the number before? Ask a grown up to say a number; you need to say the number before or one less.

3. Put an amount of objects on a plate( no more than 10). Count how many objects there are.

Take 1 less. Count and check how many are left.

4. Write numbers on paper to make number cards (numbers 1-10).You need to make 2 sets; 1 pile for you, 1 pile for your grown up. Mix them up. Each turn over a card. Say which is less.

5. Use the number cards from earlier to play Bingo. Draw a grid with 6 boxes in like this:


write numbers in each box. Turn over a card and cross it out if you have that card. The winner is the player who crosses out all their numbers.