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WC 07.12.2020


Revisit the flashcards below. 

Parent video: How to say the sounds

Can you read the red words below:


to    the   I   no    go     said   you    my   


Can you write these words?

Can you write them in a sentence? 


Read the green words below and see if you can say/ write them in a sentence.


mop     dog      hat      fish      chop 





Can you continue the story below? You can write the story or retell it to a grown up and them to write down your ideas for you. 


Once upon a time there was an elf who... 


- Have you written your letter to Santa yet? If not can you write to him? 



Getting creative...


- Can you design and make a bauble for your Christmas tree?


- On Friday it is Christmas jumper day. Can you draw a picture of your Christmas jumper or design a Christmas jumper? 


This week we are looking at measures in maths.

Continue to practise your mental maths skills and counting.

Counting forwards and backwards from 0-20; show a grown up how to make numbers to 5 using fingers on both hands(bunny ears); 1 less than;1 more than( numbers to 10)



Can you find some pieces of ribbon or tinsel and compare the lengths? Which is shortest? Which is longest? Can you order them from shortest to longest?


Wrap some of your toys with Christmas paper. Pretend you are in the elves workshop. Which is heaviest? Which is lightest? 

If you have some weighing scales, can you see which is heavy or light?


Santas reindeer love porridge oats. Can you mix up some porridge potions for the reindeer on Christmas eve?

Can you fill a cup full?half full? nearly empty? nearly full?

Take photos of your work and send it to your teachers.