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WC 04.01.2020

Can you say the sounds correctly

Practise writing the sounds below. Remember to form your letters correctly and don't forget you lead in! 


m , a , s , d , t 

Read the words below: remember to Fred talk the sounds to help you. 


mat,   man,    sad,   tap


Can you write a sentence with these words in. 



Read the red words below. Remember red words are words we can't sound out. 


the ,   I ,   to ,    no,  go ,  he 

Write the correct word for each picture


Look at the front cover of the book below. What do you think our new topic is going to be about? Have you read this book before? 

Can you write a sentence to predict what you think the book will be about? 

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Once you have written your prediction watch the story below.

Talk to your grown up about the story. Can you answer the questions below: 


- What is the story about?

-What happens in each part of the story? 

- How did the penguin feel when the boy left him at the South Pole? 

- Was the penguin really lost? 



Daily Practise: Can you count forwards and backwards to 10 or 20?Can you write your numbers to 20?

Ask a grown up to say a number at random up to 10 0r 20 and you say the number 1 more and 1 less.


Here are a number of activities you can try this week. Try spread out the activities and not try attempt them all at once.

1)Can you say how many spots there are? Then count and check.


2.) Make a set of number cards to 20. ( use paper or post its)

Turn over a card and draw spots or circles to represent that number.

e.g 7   is    0 0 0 0 0 0 0


3)Can you count backwards from 20.

Can you choose a number card from yesterday and do that many jumps.


4) Ask a grown up to write a sequence of numbers missing out some. Can you fill in the missing number?

eg. 3   4   ____   6      7


5   4   _____   2     1    0

6) Roll a dice with a grown up. Take it in turns to say the number that it lands on. Try not to count the spots. Can you recognise the number when it lands? Who can be the quickest?

Challenge: Can you play the game using 2 dice?

7) Choose 6 numbers up to 10 OR 20. Wrie them on a piece of paper.

Draw spots or small lines to represent the quantity you have chosen.


This week in RE we are thinking about stories that are special to us. Can you tell your grown up what your favourite story is? Why do you like this story? 

You could send us a picture of you reading your favourite story to our reception email address. 

- Can you draw the front cover of your favourite book.

- Can you write what you like about this story? 


The bible is a special story for Christians. It teaches people about God. Can you emplore some of the bible stories using the link below.