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W.B. 4.1.2021

Monday Task 1

Monday Task 2


This half term, we will be learning about The Romans! 

The Romans brought lots of fantastic things to Britain that we still use today.

While you’re at home today, can you research what things they brought, and how they were used, then make a poster showing us what they did?

Use the links below to help you!


Monday Task 3 and 4! For today’s maths session, you need to catch up on what we learnt last half term! Remember, we looked at Column method addition and subtraction, then we began to look at multiplying and our times tables! Can you try to complete these column addition and subtraction sheets, then there is a times table test for you to complete. I have given you some Power points to show you how to do the addition and subtraction, for extra help. Remember, you can also go on TT Rockstars to practise your Times Tables before you return to school!