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English today I want to you write the ending of your story. 

Use your plan to help you write your story and remember to think about how the boy will get home from the stone age. Write your story in 1st person, remember you are the stone age boy. 

Use the success criteria below to help you add all the features to your writing. 


When writing in your book write the date on the top line, miss a line and write the learning objective. 


Tuesday 6th October 2020


LO: To write the ending of the story


Complete the arithmetic test below. 

Remember to email me your score.



I would like you to pick an object from outside, this might be a leaf, seeds, flowers or trees. 

Using the shading skills we have been practising, draw and shade your natural object.  

PSHE: sort the pictures into friendly and unfriendly actions. Discuss why you have chosen to sort them this way.