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Friday 9th October 2020

LO: To describe a setting. 


Look at the picture below and write a list of adjectives to describe the picture. 

Using the adjectives you have listed, can you make expanded noun phrases


Here is an example:

Through the eerie, dangerous cave. 


Use these words in a setting description. Think about your senses, what can you hear, see, touch and smell?





LO: To answer questions


Below you all find a set of questions related to place value and addition. Use the skills you have been practising to answer these questions. Remember, if it says explain, you need to explain your answer fully. 




Read the text on the website below and answer these questions about Diwali. 


1. What is Diwali?
2. How do people celebrate Diwali?
3. What is Rangoli?
4. Describe the God Lakshmi