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Practise the set 1 speed sounds below. 

How to say the sounds

Can you read the words below? Remember to Fred Talk each word. 


bag        yap          web         shop         chip


Can you read these ditties?


the dog is big.


a fat red hen.


mum has a bag. 


Practise reading and writing the red words below:


the     I     no     he      my


Watch the story below and complete the activities. 

Father Christmas Needs a Wee

- Retell the story to your grown up. What happened to Santa after he had all of those drinks? 

- Draw a picture of Santa and label his different parts. 

- Draw and label what food and drink you would leave for Santa when he comes to your house. 

- Write a letter to Santa.

- Write a list for Santa telling him what you would like for Christmas. 



This week we are learning to build our own subtraction number sentence. Try these activities to support you.


1) Write your numbers backwards from 10 to 0.

2) Make some number cards to 10. Mix the number cards up. Turn over a card and say the number that is 1 less.

3) Make 2 sets of number cards to 10.

Turn over 2 cards. Decide which number needs to go first to build your subtraction.

Here is a clue: The biggest number has to go first!

4) Ask a grown up to write some subtraction sums. Use objects to work out the answer.

5) Draw  a bingo board( 3x 2 grid) and write numbers 1-10 in different order.

Play Bingo and ask a grown up to ask questions about the numbers.