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Good Morning Year 1, 

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.

 If you would like to print out any of this work, please click on the PDF at the bottom of this page.


Morning Work

Practise forming the capital letters below. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.

S T U V 



Listen to the story of The Old Toy Room again

Tell your grown ups what happens in the story.

Look at some of the characters from the story below, how can you describe them?


      Ragdoll                              Soldier                            Horse                            Robot


Activity- Write 6 sentences to describe the characters.

For example, The soldier has a tall black hat on his head. 


Remember to : 

Use capital letters and full stops.

Fred talk the words carefully.

Use finger spaces.

Check your sentences make sense.

Use cursive writing




Recap on the special friends by watching the video


Today we are going to learn about the special friend ar- start the car.

Watch the video to learn


Write the words to match the pictures below.

__ __ __           __ __ __      __ __ __ __           __ __ __ ___                    __ __ __ __


Write 2 sentences using the words above.


Read these sentences to your grown ups.

The car is next to the park.

The shark has sharp teeth.

The star is in the dark.

In the garden I can see a barn.


Now go to the video centre

Click on your child's phonic group e.g Year 1 Phonics Green and watch the next video.




Starter – Can you represent these numbers using crosses.

For example - 3 = x x x

5 =

6 =

8 =

9 =


Watch the video to learn  at Click on the video called addition-adding more then it is the second adding more video.



Have a go at these questions – Can you fill in the missing part and then write the number sentence. For example ___ + ___ = ___










Story Time

Share a story together.   This website has lots of ebooks which the children can read to you.



In Science this half term we have been learning all about materials. This week we are going to focus on the material wood. We are going to think about what things are made from wood and some words we can use to describe this material. 


Look at the link below for todays Science lesson.