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Good Morning Year 1,

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.


Morning Work

Practise forming the letters below. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.




Look at the pictures and describe them to your grown up.

                  forest                                        fairy                                     rabbit



Activity- Write 6 sentences to describe the pictures in your books. For example-The forest is green with tall lush trees.

Remember to:

Use finger spaces

Use capital letters and full stops.

Fred talk the words.

Use cursive writing.

Check your sentences make sense.



Today we are going to learn about the special friend ay- may I play.

Watch the video to learn

Can you write the words to match the pictures below?


1. Copy the words below into your book.

2. Underline the special friends you can see. 

3. Fred talk the word. 

4. If its a real word put a tick next to it, if its a nonsense word put a cross next to it.


day          thizz         play        shug      tay          Sunday


Now go to the video centre

Click on your childs phonic group e.g Year 1 Phonics Green and watch the next video.



Go to

Watch the  video on number bonds within 10.


Activity- Get 8 objects. How many different number bonds to 8 can you find? For example 5 + 3 =8

Now repeat with 6 objects.



Story Time

Share a story together.   This website has lots of ebooks which the children can read to you. 



This term we are learning all about materials. How many different materials can you think of?

Watch the video to learn more about materials


Activity- Go on a material hunt around your house. Can you draw and label some things in your house that are made out of, wood, plastic, metal, fabric and glass?


Challenge: True or False.   A  spoon is always made out of metal. 


Finally practise spelling the year 1 common exception words.


Great work boys and girls. Don't forget to email photos of your work to your teacher blush