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Tuesday 3rd November  

Please take a photograph of any completed work to


  1. Open up the Reading lesson document and the document titled ‘The Secrets of the sun king.
  2. This week, we will be exploring the first chapter of our new class novel.
  3. Work your way through the lesson document and write down any answers or discussions in to your book.  


Today we will start our new book ‘Cicada’.

  1. Find the English lesson and follow through.
  2. If you can, print the pictures out so you can sequence them. If you have not got access to a printer, please write out your prediction.
  3. You may use this link at the end of the lesson to listen to the story.



Miss Riley’s class

  1. Today we continue our learning on the long division method.
  2. Open up the lesson and follow through. You may want to use the examples to complete in your book.

Mrs Butt’s group

  1. Today you will be looking at your subtraction.
  2. Open up the document labelled ‘Mrs Butt’s Maths’ and follow through. There is a video link on there that will help you.


We will start our unit on ‘Electricity’. The lesson put on the website is the one children will be completing in school. This will be hard to do at home without any electrical equipment however there are website links that you may use.

  1. Open up the Science lesson and follow through.