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Please take a photograph of any completed work to


  1. Open up the Reading lesson document and open up the ‘Human-like cyborg eye’ reading text.
  2. Read and complete the lesson.
  3. Record any answers in to your book.



Today we will be on Day 2 of our Poetry unit.

  1. Find the English lesson and follow through.



  1. Today we will continue our work on division.
  2. Click on this link that will give you some videos to support your methods

  1. Open up the lesson and follow through.
  2. Complete all questions and answers in to your home learning book.

PE :

Yesterday, in PSHCE we looked at how exercise helps our bodies. To follow on from this lesson use the link below to complete a work out.



  1. Open up the History lesson.
  2. Read through and watch the videos.
  3. You will also need to open up the sequencing pictures and the mummification reading text to support you.
  4. Record your explanation text ‘How Mummies are made’ in your books.