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Good Morning Year 1,

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.


Morning Work

Practise forming the long ladder letters. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.



Rewatch Miss Hopkins reading the story 'The Velveteen Rabbit'  on Year 1 English Lesson 1.


Think about the story carefully and see if you can answer the questions below. Please answer the questions in full sentences into your book.

1. Who did the rabbit belong to?

2. Where was he left?

3. Why did the boy have to stay in bed all day?

4. Where was the rabbit thrown?

5. Where did the fairy take the rabbit?

6. Why was the rabbit happy at the end of the story?



Go to the video centre

Look at your child's reading book/ sheet to find out which group they are in.

e.g Year 1 Green group  then watch the second video.



This week in Maths we are learning about addition within 10.

Go to

Watch the  video on fact familes/ addition facts.


Can you write the fact families for the part whole models below?






Story Time

Please share a story with your child.



This term in History we are learning all about old and new toys. Watch the short video to see different toys in the last 100 years.

 Ask your grown ups which toys they played with when they were little.


Next read the information sheet below about old toys with your grown ups.




Activity- Draw 2 of the old toys you have learnt about today. Can you write some sentences to describe them?

For example: A rocking horse was made from wood. It sometimes had real hair for its mane and tail.


Spelling Shed and Mathletics

Please log in and complete the assigned activities. Your log ins are stuck in your purple home learning books. 


Great work boys and girls. Don't forget to email photos of your work to your teacher. blush