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Good Morning Year 1, 

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.

 If you would like to print out any of this work, please click on the PDF at the bottom of this page.


Morning Work

Practise forming the capital letters below. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.

W X Y Z 



Listen to the story of The Old Toy Room again

Tell your grown ups what happens in the story.

Today we are going to write a retell of the story.  Use the pictures below to help you. 

For example, Lottie went to her Grandma's house. She found a wooden door and stepped inside. 



Recap on the special friends by watching the video


Today we are going to learn about the special friend or- shut the door.

Watch the video to learn


Write the words to match the pictures.

 Now write 2 sentences using some of the words. 


Read these sentences to your grown ups.

The storm is wet.

My shorts are red.

The fork is next to the pork.

The corn is sweet.


Now go to the video centre

Click on your child's phonic group e.g Year 1 Phonics Green and watch the next video.



Starter- Use objects to help you.

 5 + 2 = ___       1 more than 6 is ___      0 + 7=              1 more than 9 is ____      4 plus 3 is ____


Watch the video to learn  at Click on the video called addition- using bonds.


Which of these number sentences are bonds to 7?

3 + 3 =

1 + 6 =

2 + 6 =

2 + 5 =

3 + 4 =


Which of these number sentences are bonds to 9?

2 + 5 =

8 + 1 =

3 + 6 =

4 + 4 =

2 + 7 =



Odd One Out  

Which number sentence is the odd one out? 

9 + 1 =  

5 + 4 =  

2 + 8 = 

7 + 3 =  

5 + 5 = 




Watch the youtube video on the boy who feels sad

Click on this link:  

Think about a special skill or talent which you have.

Can you draw a picture of yourself doing your special talent or skill.

Then write some sentences about the things you are good at.


For ideas think about using your manners, sport, school work, hobbies or being a good friend. 


In your art lesson today we would like you to have a go at drawing some toys. Below are some links for you to follow a step by step video of how to draw some different toys. Choose which one you would like to do and have a go. 


Teddy Bear -

Robot -

Russian Doll -

Train -


Don't forget to send all your home learning to your teacher. 


Well done with all your home learning over the last few weeks. We are very proud of you all smiley

Enjoy your half term holidays and we will see you soon!