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Good Morning Year 1, 

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.


Morning Work

Practise forming the zigzag letters below. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.


Today we are going to write the first part of the story The Velveteen Rabbit. Look at the pictures below. Can you tell your grown up what is happening in each of the pictures?


What sentence could you write for the first picture? For example- .Once there was a little toy rabbit who was really quite splendid. In your home learning books, write the first part of the story using the pictures to help you. When you have finished draw some pictures to go with your story.



Today we are going to learn about the special friend igh- fly high

Watch the video to learn


Read the story below with your grown up. Make a list of words you can spot with the igh special friend. 



Now go to the video centre

Click on your child's phonic group e.g Year 1 Phonics Green and watch the next video.


Maths Work 


What number is next?

1, 2, 3, 4, ___

3, 4, 5, 6, ___

6, 7, 8, 9, ____


Today we are going to be learning our number bonds to 10. Click on the link below and watch the video. (Number Bonds to 10)


This video will also help you to learn your number bonds to 10.



1 + ___ = 10 

2 + ___ = 10 

3 + ___ = 10 

4 + ___ = 10 

5 + ___ = 10 


Remember to use objects and the part whole model to help you. 



At the moment it is more important than ever that we all know how to wash our hands properly. 


Watch the video below.


Now look at the pictures below 

Can you draw these pictures in the correct order. Then write a set of instructions 

Example - First put soap on your hands. 


In our IT lessons we have been learning about Internet Safety and what to do if we see something which we are unsure about when on the internet. 

Ask your grown up to read the story below. In the story are some questions for you to answer. 

Can you answer these question by writing a sentence in your home learning book. 

Well done for all your hard work Year 1, Miss Shaw and Miss Hopkins are very proud of you laugh