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Reading to Learn


Once we have completed our Read Write Inc. Phonics, we then use our reading skills to learn new knowledge and information.  


To support us in this, we use the 'Thinking Together' strategy. This helps us to develop our partner work so we can discuss our ideas and use our spoken language to enable us to learn more about a text.   


We believe that reading provides access to a world of experience, much of which we could not achieve in a single lifetime. We can access the past, present and future. We can travel to different worlds and enter into the thoughts and feelings of different characters, real and imaginary. Reading provides us with a world of factual knowledge and information. 

The Reading Lesson – Y2 to Y6 

Each half-term the children study an age-related book. These books cover a range of genres and may link to other curriculum areas studied.


Take a look at our Reading Long Term Plan below!  


In the lesson, the children are taught a range of reading skills, which spiral through the year groups. Children are taught skills such as retrieval, inference, prediction, vocabulary, sequencing as well as explaining authorial intent. Every Friday, the children utilise all these skills on a short extract of text, exposing them to a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  

Home Reading

Children who have completed the Read Write Inc. program then move on to Benchmarking. 


Our Benchmark assessments help us to see what level the children are reading at so we can read an appropriate book to enable them to practise the next level. 


These levelled books are also taken home to read. 


Below are some examples of the books we have to take home and read. 

Classroom Libraries

In our classroom we have access to a range of books that have been specifically chosen to develop our knowledge of our curriculum subjects.  They are also targeted at our year group to set high expectations of the texts we read. We also have books to develop our cultural literacy and to support our whole school vision of inclusion. 

We even have some books that help us with reading our French. 

School Library

We are very luck to have a library that has been recently refurbished. 

We have lots of fantastic books in here that we are able to read when we visit the library as a class. 

If you would like to help your child further with their reading at home, take a look at the lists below for some ideas of books. 

Here are some recommended websites where you can get ideas for the types of books that your children might like to read. 


Click on the link under the picture for each website



Click Here for Books for Topics Website                       Click Here for the BooksTrust Website