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Good Morning Year 1,

Here are some activities we would like you to complete today.


Morning Work

Please practise the curly caterpillar letters. Write 2 lines of each letter into your home learning books


English Work

Click on the link above.

Find Year 1 English.

Watch Lesson 1.


Today we are going to be practising spelling some red words. 

Use the strategy look, cover, write and check to practise your spellings of the words below.

 once, they, was, he, there and the.

Can you now write some sentences about our story using some of the red words?



Maths Work

Click on the link above - watch the video which will teach you all about the addition symbol. 


Using the part whole model, can you work out the answers to these number sentences. 

3 + 2 = 

2 + 4 = 

1 + 5 = 

3 + 3 = 

2 + 2 = 

4 + 4 = 

Use objects at home (pieces of pasta) to help you. Write the numbers sentences into your home learning books. 




In today's PE lesson you are going to do some Cosmic Yoga. 

Follow this link -


Our RE Key Question for this half term is ' Who made the World?' 

Today we are going to be learning the creation story. Ask your grown up to read the story to you. 

Now can you draw a picture to show the different things which God created on each of the 7 days of The Creation Story. 

Day 1 - Light and dark 

Day 2 - The Earth 

Day 3 - Land and plants 

Day 4 - Sun, Moon and Stars 

Day 5 - Sea and birds 

Day 6 - Animals and humans 

Day 7 - God rested 


Challenge - Can you write a sentence to show what happened on each day. 

Example - On Day 1 God created light and dark.