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Can you think of a number song to sing?

4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4    4


This week we are learning about number 4. 

Can you do:

  • 4 jumps
  • 4 claps
  • 4 stamps
  • 4 star jumps


Can you get some small objects (it could be spoons, lego, coins, hair bobbles, pieces of pasta).

Count out 4. Get your grown up to move them around. What happens? (Grown ups we are getting children to realise that the number is always 4 no matter how much they are moved around or placed - they should show this by not recounting them when asked how many there are.)


Can you go on a number 4 hunt? Where are there some number 4's in your house?


Can you get:

  • 4 books
  • 4 forks
  • 4 plates
  • write your name 4 times
  • write number 4