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By the end of Y6 we want our pupils to:-

  • Know where globally significant places are in relation to one another.
  • Know where West Yorkshire and Bradford are in relation to the UK and the world.
  • Know what the important geographical features of Yorkshire are and where they are located.
  • Know and understand some of the processes that have created physical features such as mountains, rivers, cliffs and beaches.
  • Know and understand some of the processes that give rise to human features such as villages, towns, cities, agricultural and how these processes are interdependent. 
  • Know how to collect information to help them to gain understanding of the geography of an area.
  • Know how to interpret a range of information; for example, maps, globes, aerial photographs and diagrams.
  • Know how to present geographical information in a variety of ways; for example, maps, diagrams, charts and through writing at length.

Geography Long Term Plan

Geography Skills Progression