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Good Morning Year 1, happy Fridayblush

Please complete the activities below then email them to your class teacher. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work.


Morning Work

Practise forming the capital letters below. Write one line of each letter into your home learning book.

A    B    C   D   E   F   



Today we are going to write the next part of the story. Look at the pictures below. Tell your grown up what is happening in each of the pictures.

What sentence could you write for the first picture? For example- The poor rabbit was thrown into the bin.

In your home learning books, write the rest of the story using the pictures to help you. When you have finished draw some pictures to go with your story.



Today we are going to learn about the special friend ow- blow the snow.

Watch the video to learn


Draw the pictures below and label with the correct word. Remember to Fred talk the words carefully.


Write 3 sentences using some of the words above. 


Now go to the video centre

Click on your child's phonic group e.g Year 1 Phonics Green and watch the next video.




Starter- Can you put the numbers to 10 in order using the words?

three        ten        one       five      nine       eight           zero      two    four   six   seven


Go to

Watch the  video on  comparing number bonds within 10.

Today we are comparing number bonds using the symbols >greater than  < less than  = equal to.


Activity- Put in the correct symbol to compare the number bonds. Remember to work out the total of each side first.

5 + 1 ___ 3 + 2

6 + 0 ___ 4 + 2

4 + 3 ___ 5 + 3

5 + 4 ___ 7 + 0

7 + 2 ___ 8 + 2




Story Time

Share a story together.   This website has lots of ebooks which the children can read to you.



In Art this term we have been learning all about drawing different types of lines. 

Make  different lines using crayons or felt-tips.


Now use the different  lines to create a picture. Look at the examples below. 



Mathletics and Spelling Shed

Please spend half an hour on your assigned challenges.


Well done Year 1, some great home learning this week.  Hope you have a lovely weekend.