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Early Years

EYFS Intent: 

In their first year in school our children follow the Early Years Curriculum and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through a combination of both play- based learning and more focused teacher-led sessions. Pupils learn to share, work independently, and play with others.  


Throughout our Early Years we have a huge emphasis on speaking and listening and improving communication skills. We have a carefully designed curriculum that provides cumulative progression of skills across all 17 areas of learning. We support this progression of skills through enrichment and exciting and engaging learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.  


At CSJ we are keen to promote the diversity of life and celebrate differences and promote respect for all. Through our teaching, learning and behaviour expectations, we give pupils the knowledge and understanding of how discrimination and prejudiced behaviour is dealt with, including the prevention of bullying.  


Pupils with special needs are well- supported in school with extra support and/ or resources deployed where necessary to help close individual learning gaps.  

Assessment is used to identify children’s progress and find out areas where they are less confident. These assessments inform teacher’s lesson planning. Assessment is carried out across the curriculum through questioning and specific tasks.  

How we do it: 

  • Through child led learning, developing children’s skills and curiosity through their interests.  

  • Continuous provision encouraging independence and consolidation of skills and knowledge previously learned. 

  • Through enhanced provision which encourages children to make choices and initiate their own play, which develops their characteristics of effective learning. 

Reception Long term Plan

Nursery Long Term Plan

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