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This week in Nursery we are reading 'The Naughty Bus'. 

The Naughty Bus

What adventures does the Naughty Bus go on? 

Why is it a Naughty Bus? 

Can you think of any other adventures the Naughty Bus could go on? 

Draw or paint a picture of the Naughty Bus. 

How to say the sounds

Listen to the video by clicking on the link below then play the rhyming game on the website

Can you think of words that rhyme with cat? 


Can you think of words that rhyme with pig? 

Counting 1-10 Song

Number Scavenger hunt

  • Can you find 4 spoons?
  • Can you find 6 pieces of fruit?
  • Can you find 8 socks? 
  • Can you find 10 stones? 

We are all special

Look at the powerpoint with an adult and talk about how you are special. 

Kids Yoga That Celebrates Our Differences 🌎

A Yoga Club that celebrates our differences and teaches us to love who we are!