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Our topic this half-term is transport

Listen to the story 'The Train Ride'.

The Train Ride by June Crebbin

We're off on a journey out of the town! Come aboard for the train ride. There is so much to see and someone very special waiting at the end!

The Train Ride

Illustrations © 1995 Stephen LambertText © 1995 June CrebbinFrom THE TRAIN RIDE by June Crebbin, Illustrated by Stephen LambertWalker Books Ltd, London SE11 ...

Which way of telling the story did you like best?

Can you draw a picture of a train? 

What shapes do you see in your picture?

Does your train have a carriage? How many?

Are there any people on your train?

Where is your train going?

Attention Grown ups

Please can you point to a picture and ask your child what number it is showing. This is to help your child to see numbers being shown in different ways and for them to learn to recognise them quickly.

Name Writing

Remember to keep practising writing your name. If you struggle, try writing the first letter in your name. 


Phonics - Can you say what the initial sound is for each of the pictures?


Story time (sorry it's American)

I LOVE TRAINS! - Read Along Story Book - FOR CHILDREN - Train Talk for Kids from Kids

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE READ-ALONG TRAIN BOOKS FOR CHILDREN.I Love Trains! by Philemon SturgesIllustrated by: Shari HalpernISBN# 978-0-06-028900-3Philemon ...

Jack and the beanstalk - Children's story book read aloud

What will Jack do about the GIANT! :)Patreon - -


Jack And The Beanstalk 🌱 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure (App Preview)

Jaime tells the magical story of Jack And The Beanstalk through yoga poses! 🌱 Watch the full story exclusively on the Cosmic Kids app: https://app.cosmickid...