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Year 6

Friday 17th July


You made it!!!! 

This has been the strangest few months so the shout out for the very last day of Year 6 goes to all of you and your families! 

Enjoy the summer holidays and good luck with your new adventures in September. Keep safe and keep in touch, we love to hear what you've been up to. 

Friday 10th July


Well done again to Ruby and Abigail! They have been busy working this week and sharing what they have done to the blog! We especially liked the new animal you created!

Friday 3rd July


Well done Abigail for her lovely wave picture she shared earlier in the week!

Friday 26th June


Well done Ruby for continuing to preserve with her maths this week. She's been finding some bits tricky but hasn't given up and continues to share her work on the blog.


Well done Ruby.

Friday 19th June


Well done to Abigail for her fantastic RE art work and her work on Mary Anning this week! You have clearly been working hard!

Friday 12th June


Well done to Abigail and Ruby for sharing some fantastic pieces on the blog this week! The maths work in particular has been tricky for many of you and it's been so lovely to see you both persevering and being resilient in your work. These are fantastic qualities to have and show just how 'Secondary ready' you are. Keep up the great work!


Friday 5th June 


How could I not give this week's shout out to Toby in Y6 Green? Toby has worked incredibly hard this week and has shown his amazing creative abilties when making his own dinosaur fossil from the virtual school trip to 'The National History Museum'. Take a look at the pictures below and you can see just how much effort he has put in. If we were in school Toby, this would have been displayed at the front office for everyone to see. Well done :-) 

For Year 6 Blue this week's shout out goes to Eloise. I know you have been working super hard on all your online working - keep up the good work!


Friday 29th May 


This week's shout out goes to all of Year 6 who have been working there socks off throughout lock down. It has not been easy but we are getting there. You have made us very proud laugh 

Thank you for sharing your work on the blog- it is really lovely seeing all of your hard work. 

Friday 22nd May

This week, the shout out for 6 Blue goes to Charley. After speaking with you and your parents, I know you have been working really hard on all your home learning since the start of lockdown. Keep up the good work! 

Friday 15th May 

Y6 Green 

We have lots of budding artists in Y6 this week so the weekly shout out goes to Ruby, Toby, Ellie and Haya. Thank you for sharing your pieces of art work- they are all brilliant. 

A big shout out this week goes to Ruby H in 6 Blue for her fantastic scores on Spelling Shed! You've worked really hard to increase your scores and accuracy when spelling. Keep up the great work yes

Friday 8th May 

For Year 6  Blue this week I would like to give a big shout out to Jake! Thank you for sharing on the blog all of the home learning you have been doing, you certainly look like you've been very busy. Keep up the good work! 

I would like to give a huge shout out to the following children in Y6 Green. You helped us win the battle with Y6 Blue on TT rockstars- well doneyes


Friday 1st May 

This weeks shout in Y6 Green is to Toby. Toby has made a very exciting bug hotel using his Dad's tools. A great idea Toby. It looks brilliant.



I have been working in school this week, so I would like to give a Year 6 Blue shout out to Charlotte and David. They've shown great sporting skills playing rounders and cricket! We've had lots of fun, even though David has caught me out during rounders many times, during the games. I'll be ready for a rematch when I'm next in!  

Friday 24th April

This week, Y6 Blue's shout out goes to Lewis. I've loved the updates on your caterpillar's progress and I know others have too! I wonder if they will be beautiful butterflies by the end of next week? I can't wait to find out - keep sharing their progress with us smiley


Y6 Green's shout out goes to Lewis P. I know Lewis doesn't always enjoy writing but he has written an excellent biography on Usain Bolt this week. I am very proud of the effort you have put in Lewis. Keep up the hard work with your writing. It will be printed when we get back to school and I will stick it up in the classroom.  

Friday 17th April 

This week, Y6 Green's shout out goes to Kai. After speaking to his parents on the phone this week, it sounds like he is working hard at home. Kai is even continuing to do a weekly arithmetic test on a Friday. Well done Kai- keep it up.  

For 6 Blue this week, I would like to give a big shout out to Abigail for her super flower sketching! Thank you for sharing it on the blog, it's super to see your fantastic work! 

10th April 2020


This weeks star in Y6 Green is Haya for using ratio to make a delicious smoothie recipe for her and her family. She wrote out the recipe and ensured her smoothie was presented beautifully. Well done Haya. 

This week there are 2 stars in 6 Blue. Well done to Mason for his use of the blog to communicate with us and share his learning, and a shout out to Jayden for his great drawing to show his support for our NHS.