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Who is next?

Do you know who he is? Have you ever been to the place he is famous for? Let’s find out more about him.


Sir Titus Salt lived from 1803 to 1876.


He was a good employer and built a new mill on the outskirts of the town of Bradford, where the air was fresh, and working conditions would be more pleasant for his workers.

It was a massive mill with space, light and warmth in his new mill. The location was superb, in a green and pleasant area and the Mill opened in 1853 on Titus Salts 50th birthday.

Titus Salt created an entire village of houses, park, school, library, recreation and learning institute and outdoor sport facilities around the mill naming the streets after his children and family.

In 1869 he was created a baronet by Queen Victoria, thus becoming Sir Titus Salt.

In 1876 the last building in Saltaire was completed, and later that year Sir Titus Salt died at his home.

Bradford gave him a civic funeral, watched by 100,000 people.