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Weekly activities

Week beginning 18.5.20
This week's story is A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. If you go to YouTube there is a story to watch. 

Learn with Rainbow Bear

Can you count the pictures and say how many there are?

Can you make a farm animal out of bits and bobs from your home?

Where does our food come from?

What can you see on the farm? Where can you see them?

Week beginning 11.05.20

Childrens book read aloud. "THE THREE LITTLE PIGS"

Listen to the story of the three little pigs

These are aimed at Reception age but have a go at some!

Can you retell the story of the three little pigs with these pictures?

Can you count the pictures and find the matching number?

Funky Counting Song | Numbers 1-10 | The Singing Walrus

Can you join in?

Alphablocks Alphabet Song ABC Songs Alphabet Cartoon For Kids Alphablocks for Kids

Watch and learn the alphabet with the alphablocks

Can you find the beginning sound to match the picture?

Can you match the picture to the word or the beginning sound?

Week beginning 04.05.20

The Three Little Pigs - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

The story of three little pigs.

After listening to the story, see if you can answer these questions:

  • Who are the characters in the story?
  • What materials did the pigs use to make their houses?
  • Why did the houses that were made out of straw and sticks fall down?
  • How did the first 2 houses fall down?
  • Why didn't the house made out of bricks fall down?
  • What did the wolf say before he would try to blow the house down?
  • What happened at the end of the story?

Did you manage to say the answers to these questions? Well done laugh

Can you draw a picture of your house?

How many windows does your house have?

What shape is your door? Windows?

Does your door have a number on it?

What else does your house have?

What material is it made out of?


Can you count the pictures? Write down your answers and share them with us in the blog! Maybe a grown up could take a picture of you counting them on the screen?

Phonics: I spy something beginning with...

RWI Pure Sounds

Watch this video up until 5.30 for all the Miskin Set 1 sounds

Segmenting and Blending

Learn to segment and blend simple words with the Alphablocks - can you join in?

Can you use your finger on the screen to help the pig find his way home? The get a bit trickier each time!

Week beginning 27.04.20

Can you talk about which mummy and baby animal match?

Can you make a tractor from items you find in your home?

Can you draw a picture of a farm with: 1 farmer, 2 tractors, 3 donkeys, 4 horses, 5 dogs, 6 chickens, 7 pigs, 8 cows...what else could you put on your farm?

Can you try these at home? (Except for the going shopping one - stay and home and stay safe)

Can you talk about and match the rhyming words? Challenge: Can you think of other words that rhyme with them?









Summer 1 - Week 1   Down on the Farm

Week beginning 20.04.20

Farm word mat - can you say what the pictures are?

This is my favourite farm animal. Can you draw and talk about your favourite farm animal?

Big Barn Farm Episode 1 | You Can't Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Watch the video - Can you talk about what you see?

Old MacDonald Had a Farm | Old MacDonald Nursery Rhymes | MyVoxSongs

Can you sing along to this song? Can you make up your own parts of other farm animals that are not in this song?

Good Morning Song for Kids (with lyrics) | The Singing Walrus

Sing along to some of our favourites!!

Action Songs for kids | The Singing Walrus

Yoga Time! | On the Farm - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Help Jamie on the farm!!

Writing number 0

Still image for this video
Around to my left to find my hero, back to the top, I’ve made a zero.

How to write 1

Still image for this video
A downward stroke, my that’s fun! Now I’ve made a number one.

How to write 2

Still image for this video
Half a heart says “I love you”. Add a line. Now I’ve made a number two.

How to write 3

Still image for this video
Around the tree, around the tree. Now I’ve made the number 3.

How to write 4

Still image for this video
Down and across and down once more. Now I’ve made the number four.

How to write 5

Still image for this video
First of all, make five’s back. Then make his round tummy and add his hat.








Week beginning 30/03/20

Scavenger Hunt

Sing some Nursery Rhymes with your family.

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special in his Nursery Rhymes playlist. Aunt Polly The Wheels on the Bus Rock-a-Bye Baby Music Man Little Bo Peep...

Ruth Miskin Phonics 9:30


Go to You Tube.

Type Ruth Miskin phonics set 1 sounds

There is a video each day at 9:30am going through the sounds.

Have fun showing the grown ups what you know!

You tube stories to watch


Can you retell some of the story?

Can you tell someone in your family what happens?

Who are the characters?

Where does the story happen?

What is your most favourite story?

Sunshine 🌞 


Can you paint, draw, colour a sunshine to put up in your window at home to brighten someone’s day?


Can you draw a picture of the people who live in your house? If you share time across across two houses, draw who lives in each house. 

Can you label you and your family members in the picture? 



Watch a Numberblocks clip on CBeebies. Click on the link to access a guide to give you ideas on what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.