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Now, we are going to look at some u_e words. 


Take a look at the words below. 

Practise spelling each one. 

  • Read the word
  • Check the spelling
  • Cover it up
  • Write it
  • Check your spelling


Then try writing a sentence with each word. 

Guided Reading


To make sure we can read a text we need to know what all the words mean. 


Read through the text again.


Take a look at these words below. 

What do they mean? 

If you're not sure, look them up or ask a grown up. 


Write the word down and a definition of what it means. 



invented - _______________________


arcades - _________________________



Now we have read all the story we are going to see if we can remember what happens and in what order. 


Use the pictures below to put them in the correct order. 


If you can, cut them out and glue them back in the right order. 




Today we are going to look at ordering some numbers. 


We have used Charlie Crocodile to help us know whether a number is greater or smaller than another number. 

We have then compared these numbers. 

Today we are going to do that with more numbers. 


First we have to look at the tens digits (as these are worth the most)


We can then put the numbers in order by their tens digit. (you can use a number line to help you)




34         62         29   


The number with the smallest tens is 29.  

It has 2 tens and the other numbers have more tens so this goes first. 





The number with the next biggest tens is 34  (this has 3 tens) so this goes next


29       34   


Finally we have 62.  Just to check... 6 tens is more than 2 tens and 3 tens. This goes last


29         34          62


We have ordered our numbers. 



If there are no tens.     (  like in the number 7 )        then we have to use 0 tens to help us. 


If 2 numbers have the same number of tens ( like 36      and    34  ) then we look at the ones (6 and 4)





Today we are going to be looking at the features of the seaside. 


We will be looking at things that are man-made and things that are natural. 

What do these words mean? 


Man-made - 


Natural - 




Natural things are things that are made from nature.  They are grown or created naturally. 


Man-made things are items that we have made ourselves. Sometimes we use natural materials to make things ourselves 





Look at the pictures below and write down what you can see in each picture. 

Think carefully about items that are natural and ones that are man-made.





Now try this activity