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Main activity - Interpret charts

Read the information sheet on pictograms and bar charts, then complete the activity sheet. 



Complete the BBC Bitesize Lesson on writing poetry. 

Read the river poem again.

The River Poem

You are going to write a poem about something in nature. It could be the sea, clouds, raindrops or anything else you like. 


Today you are going to plan your poem. Once you have chosen what you are going to write about, you need to think of some good vocabulary you can use in your poem. Think of adjectives, rhyming words, metaphors and similes. Record your ideas using a mind map. You might want to use the internet to help you get some ideas. 

Guided Reading

Starting this week, guided reading will be slightly different. Instead of 3 levels there are going to be 4. Level 4 is going to be for the children who really want to challenge and push themselves. You will also only be looking at one text for the whole week. This is your guided reading timetable: 


Level 1-4 (level 1 is the easiest and level 4 the hardest)

Monday: Read the text and underline unfamiliar vocabulary.

Tuesday: Research definitions of any unfamiliar vocabulary.

Wednesday: Questions on the text.

Thursday: Questions on the text.

Friday: Mark your answers.


Read The Day of Pentecost: Acts 2: 1–15, 22 and 37–41

Now use the emotions graph to record how you think the disciples felt at each stage of the story. 

You can watch the video from last week again to help you. 


Identify your feelings