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Morning everyone



We are looking again at those words that mare made up of 2 words (compound words) and words with different syllables. 



compound word - sunflower      sun       flower

Syllable word - table            ta       ble     


In the activity below can you colour the different beats in the word a different colour?



sunflower           table




Carrying on with our description work this week. 


Use the picture below to pick out the objects and write full sentences to describe them. 




The purple blanket is on the grass.

The happy dog is eating a carrot. 


Remember your capital letters and full stops.



Today we are going to think about what shapes we know. 


First of all, try this little quiz.

How many did you get right?

Can you beat your score?

How long did it take you? 

Can you beat your time?



Now try this quiz to see if you can spot all the correct shapes.



This week we are going to think about being at home, ourselves and our family. 


Firstly, we need to start with ourselves. You will need a mirror. 


Take a look at yourself and your face. 

Read each question and then draw the item using the picture below to help.

How many eyes do you have? Where are they on your face? 

Where is your nose? What size is it? 

What else do you have on your face? 

Are you happy / sad? How do you know? 

What does your hair look like?  What colour is it?


Look back in the mirror. Does your picture look like you? Put your pictures on the blog so we can see who it is.