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Guided Reading



Yesterday, you had a go at drawing pictograms and analysing these (answering questions)


Today, we are going to look at pictograms a little more to make sure we understand them. 


Have a look at the Pictogram below. 

Answer the questions.  You may need to complete parts of the pictogram (use the questions to help you).

Understanding Pictograms


What is the pictogram about?

What does one smiley face represent? Where can we find out?

How many children chose apples as their favourite fruit? How do you know?

What is the 'Total' column showing?

Can you use the total to fill in the pictogram for bananas, pears and grapes?

Can you use the pictogram to fill in the total for oranges and plums?

Which fruit is the most popular?

Which fruit did the fewest children choose?

How many children chose oranges?

Which fruit would you have chosen?



Now try this one:

Comparing Pictograms

Comparing Pictograms - Questions


Can you add up the tally marks to find out how many children chose each fruit?

What does the key show?

What does one square on the pictogram represent?

How many squares have been drawn for apples/bananas/ oranges/pears?

What total has been recorded? Is this correct? How does it need to be changed?

Are these sentences about the data true or false? Prove it.



Finally, try this question about pictograms

Finding Errors