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Maths - Starter - 5 x table

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Maths - Kilograms (kg)


On Monday and Tuesday we looked at comparing items and then measuring in grams (g). 


Today we are going to look at measuring in kilograms (kg).  For this, you may need to use the scales you would use to weigh a person (like bathroom scales).  


Why do you think we need to use these scales and not food scales? 


Which one is heavier 1kg or 1g ? 


If you have a bag of sugar at home, or some pasta, see if your adult can help you find 1kg.

Now can you find an item that weighs 1g. 

Feel the weight of both. Which is heavier? Which is lighter? 


Today we are going to look at Kilograms. 

Have a look at the questions below. 

Have a go at these questions - Take care when reading the scales - they get a little tricky.





Use the planning that you did last week (character, setting, problem and solution), and the story board you completed yesterday to write your own version of The Night Zookeeper. 

I have attached paper with handwriting lines and lines if you want to use these. You could use a computer to type your sentences. 

However you decide to write your version I would love to read your stories! You can publish them on the blog!


Happy writing!

Guided Reading

Use the text for this week to answer the questions below: