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Good Morning Year 1, here are your home learning activities for today.


Morning work

Please go to and practise spelling our Year 1 common exception words.




Use the story map which you created yesterday and tell your grown up what happened in the story.

Now can you write some sentences to match each of your pictures and re tell the story.

Try to use some time openers

For example



After that



Also remember your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and cursive handwriting.




Which coins could you use to make

12p                  15p                  22p                  30p                  50p


Today we would like you to be set up your own shop, using toys and other safe things from around your house. Then put a price tag on them and practise paying for items using the money which you have made. I have attached a photo below to give you some ideas. We would love to see some photos over on the blog.

Watch this video before you start -

Happy shopping!




Share a book with a grown up


Today we are focusing on the special friend ee and ea  


Can you write these words out in a grid, then play bingo with your group up or older siblings. Listen carefully to the sound in each of the words.


Go on the Chester Zoo website and watch some of the virtual tour videos.

What animals can you see?

Can you create a poster of the different animals?

Can you write which group they belong to?

Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles or Amphibians