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Spend 10 minutes on each of these websites:


TT Rockstars: 

Spelling Shed:



Guided Reading

Read this poem and write down any unfamiliar words. Look up the definitions in a dictionary. You can use an online dictionary like this one: 





Watch this video to remind yourselves of what our 4 operations are and what they do. 

Remember, to use your TT Rockstars and Numbots to help you practise these skills. 

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide - Rockin English Math Song.mp4

Still image for this video

Comparing Lengths


We have now looked at some measuring of cm and m.  

Remember... 100cm is the same as 1m

100cm = 1m. 


Use your tape measure to help remind you which measurement is bigger. 


Have a look at the slideshow below to help you when comparing lengths

Now we have had a look at some measurements using only cm or m, we are going to look at comparing the two. 


Remember, 1m is the same as having 100cm. 



1m and 100cm are the same

1m = 100cm


Which is longer? 

2m          or        100cm? 


100 sounds bigger. but cm are small measures.  We know that 1m is the same as 100cm so 2m is the same as 200cm. Now we know this we can try again.


2m           or         100cm

200cm      or        100cm


Now, which is longer?


Just because the number is smaller, doesn't mean the measurement is smaller..... this is why the measurement (cm or m) is really important to remember.


Use this to help you with the following questions.