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Morning Work

Please practise the spellings



Starter-  Can you write down the letters of the alphabet in order? 

Use the song to help you


This week we are learning all about tigers. Watch the video below then see if you can answer the questions about them in full sentences.


1.  How are tigers recognised?

2. What does the word mammal mean?

3. What do tigers eat?

4.  When do tigers hunt?

5. How do tigers catch their prey?

6. Where do tigers live?


True or False?

The roar of a tiger can be heard from miles away.

Tigers love water.

Humans hunt tigers. 



Starter-  20 + 10 =       30 + 10=     10 + 10=     40 +10 =     90 + 10=         0 + 10=    


How many different ways can you make 10p using coins?

For example   5p + 5p = 10p



Reading/ Phonics

Share a book with a grown up


Today we are focusing on the special friend o-e – phone home. 

Watch the video

Copy the words out below and say whether they are real or nonsense using a tick or a cross.




Learn how to draw a tiger here.