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Maths Starter


Can you complete the subtraction number sentences?

Use objects or a number line to help you.


8 -  2=

6 -  3=

7 - 4 =

10 - 5= 

11 - 4 =


Today we are going to think about halving amounts of objects. To halve a group of objects exactly, they must be put into 2 equal groups.


Here are 6 sweets.


Can you share the sweets onto 2 plates?

How many sweets are there on each plate?




So half of 6 is:_____


You can practise this activity for different amounts. You could use cubes, buttons, or sweets.

You can either upload a photo of your activities on the blog, or draw your groups filling out the sentence:


Half of ____ is____



Less challenging activity